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Parco Uditore is a green area of 90.000m2, situated at the center of the previous Conca D’Oro. It lies along the ax of via Leonardo da Vinci, at the crossroads with piazza Einstein. It represents a surviving area of the traditional rural landscape, and it keeps some of the typical characteristics of the Sicilian countryside.

The project is an example of Low Cost Landscape. The initial budged given by the Sicilian Region was about 100.000 euros, and today the project continues to live uniquely thanks to the voluntary work and the small donations given by its users.

All the choices made are rooted towards ecofriendly and/or reversible techniques.

The park currently consists of:
1700m of shared-use paths
2.000m2 of playground
1 open air fitness area
1.500m2 dogs area
1 meditation area
1 video surveillance system

We are adding:
1 free access Wi-Fi network
public toilets
sports fields (basketball, volleyball, boules…)
1 collective market garden

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