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Parco Uditore is a collective good entrusted to your care and use. It is a place of encounter and exchange, an urban laboratory where culture can circulate freely and where new lifestyles based on wellbeing and solidarity can sprout. It is a place where you can find peace again and restore your contact with Nature.

However, it is not only a public park but a little piece of Conca D’Oro survived to decay and a symbol of social redemption.

Starting from October 2010, a growing number of citizens decided to devote themselves in order to open this green area to the benefits of the public benefits.

It’s a shared path, unique in its genre, that is involving citizens, experts, institutions, and enterprises that worked together for a common good. It’s an ongoing project, that places this area at the center of a shared vision, and it’s always open to new contributions and subscriptions.

You can take care of it, respecting the work of those who have committed to it and are still working for its realization. You can actively participate to this collective project: take care of it by contributing with donations and by participating to the activities organized by the association.

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